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Outsource a Virtual Assistant using 2 Go Virtual

Save up to 80% on labour by hiring your virtual assistants. You have full control over your operations in our staffing model. Our skilled, specialised and experienced virtual assistants take away tedious tasks so your business can focus more on growing and more important task. We help you save time, money, and inconvenience while providing you opportunities for growth and value for money. 

Here are the services that we offer:


Administrative Virtual Assistants

Jack of all trades. This is what an administrative virtual assistant is. They can help you manager your e-commerce store, deliveries, fulfillment, social media marketing, invoicing, payables more.  We place VAs that can help you and your business with a little bit of everything to make sure it is up and running.Some of the tasks that they can handle but are not limited to are; daily office tasks, scheduling, remote office management, assisting with phone calls or emails.


Research Virtual Assistant

Conducting thorough research can be painstakingly time-consuming and requires a skilled research virtual assistant to do the job.

We can help you with data compilation and internet-based research not limited to market research, product research, tech research, and competitor research.


Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

A skilled and specialized virtual bookkeeping assistant can help you manage your day-to-day finances and perform relevant bookkeeping tasks for your business.

Our bookkeepers can help you improve your finances, save money, save time, and have clear financial transparency for your company.


Medical Virtual Receptionist

We understand that you have earned your reputation with uphill battle and effort. However, medical skills are not the only reasons for the success of your business. Your admin team plays a vital role in communicating with patients, record their details, booking and manage administrative task. That is why 2 Go Virtual VRs are ready to assist your admin team and enable them to manage your business in a better way.

2 Go Virtual services will be the virtual help you need for your medical office. Remove your headaches with lack of staffing. Grow your business.

Our 2 Go Virtual VRs represent your medical business and become your most productive asset. Hire us to prove our skills as virtual assistant in the healthcare industry.

Our 2 Go Virtual VRs use digital resources to deal with your administrative tasks. While you focus on the patients’ healthcare solutions, we accomplish other activities.

We use your chosen medical software to avoid hassle.


Virtual Medical Transcription

2 Go Virtual provides medical transcription that offers secure dictated audio and transcribed document handling, fully compliant with all Medical Governing Agencies as well as all other privacy requirements.

 At 2 Go Virtual medical transcription, all transcribed documents are edited by experienced medical transcriptionists, with our goal of providing you with accurate medical records and letters.

2 Go Virtual aims for you to receive your transcribed medical documents usually the next business day. Improve document flow and reduce phone calls from referring medical offices regarding referral letters.

Work with 2 Go Virtual Medical Transcription inorder to save and speed up the process of your transcription needs.

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