Go Virtual with Everything.

2 Go Virtual makes it easier for every business to outsource their jobs to a distributed workforce who can perform these tasks virtually. Power up with low-cost, superior output talents which are carefully chosen by us and specifically picked out for you. 

Outsource a Virtual Assistant using 2 Go Virtual

Save up to 80% on labour by hiring your virtual assistants. You have full control over your operations in our staffing model. Our skilled, specialised and experienced virtual assistants take away tedious tasks so your business can focus more on growing and more important task. We help you save time, money, and inconvenience while providing you opportunities for growth and value for money. 

Here are the services that we offer:


Administrative Virtual Assistants

Manage your e-commerce store, deliveries, fulfillment, social media marketing, invoicing, payables more.


Research Virtual Assistant

Conduct a thorough research that can be painstakingly time-consuming.


Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

Improve your finances, save money, save time, and have clear financial transparency for your company.


Medical Virtual Receptionist

Our 2 Go Virtual VRs represent your medical business and can become your most productive asset.


Virtual Medical Transcription

2 Go Virtual provides medical transcription that offers secure dictated audio and transcribed document handling, fully compliant with all Medical Governing Agencies as well as all other privacy requirements.

Why Choose Us

Helping Others To Focus on the big stuff

It’s hard to grow a business when you’re overwhelmed. Your 2 Go Virtual Assistant will take care of the little things so you can focus on the most important tasks.

Save Money

Save up to 80% of your staffing costs and achieve more income generating results.

2 Go Virtual Assistants will save you with your ongoing costs while bringing in much more productivity which equates to generated income.

Time is money and 2 Go Virtual Assistants will assist on converting your time to money.

Move forward faster

You’ll be amazed how much more you can get done with the right assistant. It’s like having a productivity of great power.

Get your time back

However you want to spend your time, it’s yours. And right now it’s buried underneath a mountain of emails and mundane tasks.  2 Go Virtual Assistants will change that. You’ll have your priceless time back to focus more on what’s important

Increase business productivity

2 Go Virtual VAs and VRs can help you with Increasing business productivity to its highest performance. We will make sure that nothing is overlooked so that your business will reach it’s highest potential.

Helping Others to Succeed is Our Calling

2 Go Virtual is here to help all our clients and for their businesses to prosper. 2 Go Virtual is here to assist our clients to focus on what’s more important while leaving the mundane yet well needed tasks to be handled by our hand picked VAs and VRs

2 Go Virtual highly believes that true success can be attained by having a strong team that follows the same goal. 2 Go Virtual is our Clients partner and helper in achieving success.

Every Opportunity is an Option to Grow

Business Growth is always our aim for our clients to achieve. 2 Go Virtual is here to assist by providing quality VAs and VRs that will assist with the growth of every business by providing the right administrative support that will take away the burden from the rest of the team. Having a 2 Go Virtual VAs and VRs will be our Clients best option in order to grow. Send us a message to learn more how we can help your business.